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Iris Fall - Switch kopen

Iris Fall

Vergroot boxart Iris Fall (Switch)
Iris Fall (Switch), NEXT Studios
NEXT Studios
Developer: NEXT Studios 
Genre:Puzzle Party 
Aantal views:1665  keer bekeken
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Beschrijving Iris Fall

Solve clever puzzles and uncover an intriguing story full of mystery and wonder. With “light and shadow” as a core concept, Iris.Fall takes players on a monochrome adventure unlike any other.
Story background:
After awakening from a dream, Iris follows a black cat into a dilapidated theater, traveling back and forth through a strange labyrinth o...

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Game Shock Oss 10
€  27.99€ 3.00   € 30.99
Nedgame.nl 9.8
€  28.00€ 3.49   € 31.49

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