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Prison Break

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Door deryck (1599 reacties) op 17-03-2007 20:18
ja henry pope was dat(in de serie)
Doel in mijn leven: GamePass uitspelen
Door BlackI3lueDutch (1072 reacties) op 20-03-2007 20:34
Iets over Prison Break Season 3!!


The answer to the question that has been on every prison break fan’s lips is right here. Yes there will be a season 3. Season 3 of Prison Break (which may have a different name announced soon) will be premiered on 29th August 2007, almost 5 months after the season 2 finale. Most of the conspiracy storyline (about 90%) will be wrapped up by the end of season 2, and the third season will have a completely new plot. Scheuring quotes “The audience will definitely get closure. It'll feel like this is the endgame of the story, and yet there will be a few unanswered questions."

The third season will have eight major roles, including new additions to the cast. Most of the surviving crew will be brought together somehow, and there will be one or two new faces. When asked about the fate of Mahone played by William Fichtner, fans were told that Scheuring was very happy with William, hinting that Mahone will make a comeback in season 3.

One of the new additions is a female character who is Michael’s equivalent in intelligence, and she will act as a love interest for one of the guys. Who will it be? Your guess is as good as mine. Scheuring also let slip “And she would seem to be coming down on the side of good initially, but there will be questions [about] whether that's a facade.”

Ausiello quotes: “Paul Scheuring also teased that Season 3 would feature "a different storytelling process" that will begin to "play out in the last couple episodes of Season 2" and "leave some cliff-hangers, including one with Sara."

Sara Tancredi fans may have been worried that she may be killed off because the actress playing her, Sarah Wayne Callies, is pregnant, but Ausiello assures us that she’s safe. He says that Paul Scheuring won’t kill her off because he believes that Sara Tancredi is a strong component in the show. Sarah is due in the late summer, which coincides with the premiere of season 3, and she will be gone for a while, but will be back soon after the birth of her child. Scheuring says that her disappearance will fit into the plot, but refuses to confirm rumours of Sara Tancredi being kidnapp.

Door Raptor (71 reacties) op 20-04-2007 12:54

wowowowow en hij was best vet weer gister!! Wel best K** dat die terrence gekild werd, wat nu?! Wat een cliffhanger, het blijft toch wel een stoere serie^_^

Hebben nog meer mensen gister weer voor de buis gekluisterd gezeten?

Door Ruben (364 reacties) op 20-04-2007 13:10
Ik heb seizoen twee al af .
Ik kijk wel heel erg uit naar seizoen want dat kan alle kanten op gaan .
Door Ninc (150 reacties) op 20-04-2007 15:25
heb het opgenomen dus ik moet nog kijken. maar nog een seizoen vind ik toch wel wat te veel worden. Dan moeten ze het nog spannend zien te houden want seizoen 1 vind ik beter dan seizoen 2, meer wazigheid en meer spanning.
Door BlackI3lueDutch (1072 reacties) op 20-04-2007 22:13
Ninc: Daar heb je wel gelijk in over het eerste seizoen...die is wel beterder... maar het einde van seizoen 2 is wel erg vet..maar wel vaag.

3e seizoen gaat over wat anders.. 4 nieuwe personen in de serie.. dus genoeg spanning.. vooral als Scofield of Linc dood gaat.

Want wellicht veel kijkers niet leuk gaan vinden en stoppen met kijken...
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