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Capcom Town : 40th Anniversary site met gratis browser games

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Door DQMJ (20019 reacties) op 12-06-2023 22:06

Capcom Town

Info : www.siliconera.com

"Capcom Town Website Launches and Includes Playable Games"

"To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Capcom revealed a special website called Capcom Town. This is an interactive space celebrating some of Capcom’s biggest franchises. The Capcom site contains polls, a museum, retro game emulation and merchandise. It also links to portals for franchises including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter."

"There is also a small retro game library, allowing visitors to play five Capcom games in their browser. These include Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Street Fighter II, Final Fight, and Mega Man X."

Direct link naar de games of click op de Retro Games icon in het dorp :
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Door DQMJ (20019 reacties) op 12-06-2023 22:08
Kick voor rechts ->
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Door Budgetpaardje (26371 reacties) op 12-06-2023 22:29
Lief! Zo meteen hebben ze ook een Showcase, hier live te zien vanaf middernacht.
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