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Visions of Mana [Algemeen Topic]

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Door Himathrad (1606 reacties) op 10-12-2023 08:13
Visions of Mana: Everything you need to know
A brand-new entry in the Mana series has been announced! Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful new action RPG!

Here’s a sight for sore eyes if you’re Mana fan - we’re excited to announce an entirely new entry in the series coming in 2024: Visions of Mana!

This beautiful new game is the first mainline instalment in the Mana series in over 15 years and returns to its action-RPG roots for an expansive, vibrant adventure across a semi-open field.

You can get a look at what to expect in the new trailer or read on and we’ll tell you all about this exciting and vibrant new adventure!

What is Visions of Mana?
You take the role of Val - a curious and carefree young man who lives in the Fire Village of Tianeea.

Once every four years, the Faerie visits regions of the world to choose alms - people who are fated to travel to the Tree of Mana, which presides over the world’s vital flow of mana. Val invites his childhood friend to a festival to welcome the visitor, but as the night falls, the sky lights up with sparkling lights and the Faerie chooses her as the alm.

With the blessings of his village, Val sets out on a journey to accompany his friend to the Tree of Mana as her soul guard.

How does Visions of Mana play?
Your journey in Visions of Mana will take you across an expansive semi-open field that you can explore smoothly. The series’ themes of nature and the elemental aspects of mana are captured through the stunningly detailed environments and vibrant, colorful graphics.

These vast areas are packed with secrets to discover and enemies to battle, from fan-favorite staples like Rabites to brand-new monsters. As is tradition for the Mana series, the party-based combat is real-time and fast-paced, with lots of strategic depth - you’ll have to watch your enemies and your environment to prevail in these thrilling skirmishes.

Who’s making Visions of Mana?
If you’re wondering who’s behind this new game, then wonder no more. This new game is being worked on by a talented and experienced team of creators who know the Mana series inside and out, including:

Producer: Masaru Oyamada (Secret of Mana 2018, Trials of Mana 2020, Legend of Mana 2021 and more)

Sound: Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana 1993, Trials of Mana 1995, Trials of Mana 2020 and more), Tsuyoshi Sekito (Secret of Mana 2018, Trials of Mana 2020, Echoes of Mana and more), Ryo Yamazaki (Trials of Mana 2020, Echoes of Mana)

Character Design: HACCAN (Adventures of Mana, Secret of Mana 2018, Trials of Mana 2020)

Monster illustrations: Airi Yoshioka (Dawn of Mana, Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana)

Series monster design supervision: Koichi Ishii (GREZZO Co., Ltd.)

That’s all we have to share for now, but we can’t wait to show you more in 2024 about this welcome return for the Mana series.

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PSN ID: Himathrad Uplay: Himathrad Battlenet : Himathrad#2466
Door Himathrad (1606 reacties) op 03-04-2024 08:19
Nieuwe trailer:

PSN ID: Himathrad Uplay: Himathrad Battlenet : Himathrad#2466
Door Darksider (390 reacties) op 03-04-2024 17:44
Ik kijk hier wel naar uit eerlijk gezegd. Zal ook wel een deel nostalgie zijn van Secret of mana.
Door NightyNite (357 reacties) op 03-04-2024 17:52
Dit ziet er ook weer fantastisch uit. Het is een heel goed jaar voor JRPG fans!
Door Zienobleejd (4017 reacties) op 03-04-2024 18:00
20 EUR en we gaan m proberen, ziet er leuk uit.
🎯 Gezocht: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth 🎯
Door GameFatale (22728 reacties) op 03-04-2024 18:13
Zienobleejd, de 20 euro man. (sorry)

Ziet er wel mooi uit, maar wordt er een beetje moe van dat blijkbaar alles tegenwoordig 'over the top' moet. Het wordt steeds erger en gaat mij steeds meer tegenstaan.
(misschien wacht ik wel tot hij 19 euro is )
Door GJ (6141 reacties) op 03-04-2024 18:17
Rol: Forum Moderator
Ziet er idd mooi uit, maar het voelt qua combat wel heel traag aan op een of andere manier. Had gehoopt dat dat wel wat versneld zou worden, maar het spel komt al bijna (zomer) uit en het lijkt nog even traag als bij de reveal, dus 🤷🏼‍♂️.
Geef kip
Door GameFatale (22728 reacties) op 03-04-2024 18:29
Voelt de combat misschien traag aan omdat het allemaal zo 'over the top' is?
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