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[Review] Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Xbox360 - Engels/En

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Door Makeda (9 reacties) op 24-04-2012 14:23
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Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 original released first on the Playstation 2 and Peace walker on the PSP.

Although it’s the first time a Metal Gear game coming out on the Xbox, or as I probably should say, 5 Metal Gear games. Even though on the cover itself it says that the collection consists of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker, the original Metal Gear 1 and 2 are also playable as they were released a long time ago on the MSX. The only one in the series that I’m bummed about is that Metal Gear Solid 1 (originally released on the Playstation 1) is not in this collection.

On disc 1 Metal Gear solid 2 and 3 can be found, after starting up the disc there is a very easy selection screen between part 3 and 2 in the series, although 2 was obviously earlier in the series then part 3, part 3 is chronologically the first part of the story and that is probably also why it’s on the left side of the screen and part 2 on the right.

Disc 1

Metal Gear Solid 3: Starting up Metal gear Solid 3 first brings you to the main menu of this game and in this menu, at the bottom of the menu you can play the 2 original games from the MSX and even includes a ”Save Game” feature, which is a nice feature these days. Not knowing the original games myself, but most games back in those days did not had the option to save the game.

Metal gear Solid 3, the first part of the story takes part in 1964 during the cold war. You, ”Snake”, have to capture a doctor called Sokolov that is forced to be working on a Russian war machine, but soon after finding him you ”mentor” called The Boss takes him instead and crosses over to the Russians. Together with Sokolov, 2 miniature nuclear warheads and a launcher she then gives them all to the Russian party she sided with to prove herself to them, one of the Russians launches one of the nuclear weapons and blows up the facility that Sokolov was being held. All hell breaks loose, and the Russians suspect that the Americans did that intentionally and to gain back their trust they will have to find The Boss and kill her within 1 week or there will be a nuclear holocaust between America and Russia, starting a World War III…

When playing Metal Gear Solid 3 for bit, the first thing I’m looking at are of course the graphics. In the time that God of war came out, i’ve bought the God of war trilogy pack and stated on the packaging that the first 2 games, that where originally released on the Playstation 2, that the games where ”Remastered in HD”. But, after playing those a bit you can easily see that the graphics still looked like Playstation 2 graphics, but the Metal Gear collection actually looked really nice. Considering this game was not meant to be played on a widescreen TV, let alone HD back then, Konami did an awesome job in my eye’s in the making of this collection in terms of graphics. It’s really smooth looking, and although the rest of the game is pretty much the same, it’s really worth playing these games again but this time, in HD.

Metal Gear Solid 2: The part where part 1 left off, Snake is still after Metal Gear and finds himself going on a boat in New York city, because of an anonymous tip from a person that goes by the name of E.E. that Metal Gear is being transported by the marines. But just as he gets there, he soon finds himself fighting a pregnant Russian women, who after the gunfight gets away. Deep down inside the ship, Snake finds himself face to face with the huge war machine and all hell breaks loose once again…

About the graphics, it’s a bit less smooth then MSG 3 Snake eater, but still looks nice and a very enjoyable game and the HD version is really made to be played on a HD widescreen TV. Disc 2 – Metal Gear Peace Walker. It’s 1974, 10 years after after MGS 3, and basically continues where where it left of, I really can’t tell much more about the story because that would be a spoiler for people that didn’t play MGS 3 yet. This is the first time this game has been released on a home console rather then a portable console, looks really nice in HD but the game play might take a bit to get used to if you’ve already played previous games of MGS, depending on what control scheme you choose. Peace Walker also has a 3 different multiplayer modes called Extra ops, Outer ops and Versus ops.

Extra ops: Are 128 challenges that vary from shooting exercises to full out battles with more powerful versions of the game’s bosses. Outer ops: Is a game mode where you can deploy your soldiers and vehicles each with their own code names like Alpha etc. that can gain bonuses like hit points, psyche points and generate income for the team. Your soldiers that die or get injured in battle, can be brought to the sickbay to get healed. Vehicles that get damaged in one missions will keep the same damage in the next mission, unless they get repaired, while when they get destroyed their just goners. Versus ops: The idea of the game mode is kind of in the name itself, is a versus game between players on various maps that are altered a bit to be played on for this game mode. And can be played in either the Death match or free for all individual mode. Certain items or weapons unlocked in the story mode can only be used in the mode. Each match can consist to up to 6 players but comes with its own rules, such as life and Psyche points that not regain and limited time for CPR revivals.


For a first time playing the series i would say, first play MGS 3 then 2 and then Peace Walker because within 10 minutes into Peace Walker there is a major spoiler for MGS 3, for gamers that are already familiar with the series I would say it’s a very nice HD collection and really worth the money. And yes for the achievement hunters out there, there are achievements in the games to but just for disc 1 and not for disc 2 containing Peace Walker.

(De review is gekopieerd van http://www.nisute.com/2012/03/23/metal-gear-solid-hd-collection-review/ , maar is wel een review die ik zelf heb geschreven).
-Laat mij weten wat je vind van de game en de review, kan altijd wel tips etc. gebruiken gezien ik niet zo veel ervaring heb met schrijven.
-Wellicht kan ik hem vertalen naar het Nederlands.
Door Fant (12220 reacties) op 24-04-2012 14:29
( PM )
Tsja, ik kan niet anders dan zeggen dat ik niet extreem onder de indruk ben van de review. Je besteed heel veel aandacht aan het menu en wat er allemaal in zit, maar vrij weinig aan de game zelf. Zo zie ik eigenlijk zo goed als niks over de gameplay, maar slechts over verhaal en graphics. Het grootste probleem heb ik echter met het Engels. Het is niet héél dramatisch, maar ook bij lange na niet perfect. Woordenschat is volgens mij wel prima, maar je gebruikt heel veel Nederlandse grammatica en zinsbouw.

Ik denk dat als je in het Nederlands zou schrijven en wat meer aandacht aan de gameplay zou besteden je best een goede review zou hebben
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Door Yřrn (4000 reacties) op 24-04-2012 15:02
Rol: Administrator
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Nice dat je even je recensie hier hebt geplaatst, altijd goed.

Ik denk dat je even moet kijken naar je opbouw, want momenteel lijkt het meer een opsomming dan een recensie. Zorg er voor dat je, voor dat je je recensie begint een overzicht maakt van wat je wilt vertellen. Welke punten onderscheiden deze game van andere games, of misschien in dit geval, met welke punten onderscheid deze herziening zich van het origineel. Vervolgens bouw je daar je verhaal omheen.

Verder zijn sommige alinea's overbodig, zo kan het stuk over het menu er volledig uitgelaten worden. De eerste alinea over de graphics (waar je God of War er bij haalt) voegt ook weinig toe. Dat verhal kan in principe in één zin.

En zoals Fant inderdaad al aangeeft, gameplay is een belangrijk onderdeel en daar mist eigenlijk de nodige info over. Verder kun je overigens geen dubbele vragen stellen in de poll.
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