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Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 31-10-2021 12:49
De roddel gaat dat deze game Maart 2022 offline gaat!
Gepost door: Sebastien op 31-10-2021 11:36

Lijkt me sterk. Ik ben dat bericht nog niet tegengekomen. Sterker nog, er is pas een nieuwe DLC strategie aangekondigd met packs die maandelijks gaan verschijnen welke nieuwe licensed muziek bevatten + wekelijks muziek van het bordspel Dropmix wat naar de game toekomt.

Zie hier: https://www.fuser.com/en-us/news/article/5632/announcing-the-light-up-the-night-pack

Wel hoor ik speculaties dat de game mogelijk naar XBOX gamepass gaat, waardoor deze 'gratis' te spelen is voor die mensen. En dat ze daarom ter compensatie de game nu goedkoper aanbieden op andere platformen.
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 01-11-2021 10:38
Als deelnemer aan Dream the Beat #8 Nightmare heb ik een andere methode gekozen voor het maken van mijn 3 Fuser mixen.
Ik heb een horrorverhaal geschreven met een volledige verhaallijn, die 3 mixen omvat.

Nadat ik mijn verhaal klaar had heb ik de game gebruikt om een ​​soundtrack te creëren, welke ik zou hebben gebruikt indien mijn verhaal een film zou zijn geweest.

Het verhaal van elk hoofdstuk kun je terugvinden in het 'Description gedeelte van de YouTube videos en zal deze tevens hieronder plaatsen.

Chapter 1 "Her Unexpected Detour"

It's late at night and we're outside in the streets.
It's raining.
We see this woman lying on the ground. She's hurt, and she's bleeding.
She has been shot by this man who we see running away in the background.
She's fighting for her life and there is no one around to help her.
It's just her laying there on the ground, with the raindrops falling down on her
while she can feel her own heartbeat slowing down.

She feels it in her bones, that this is it. This is going to be the moment where
she will die.

Then suddenly time seems to be moving slower and slower. It’s slowing down
to a point where the raindrops are just floating still in mid-air.
She has this feeling of tranquillity overtaking her body.

She sees her life flashing by in front of her eyes. These are all memories with
friends and family that have an important meaning to her, some moments that
she even forgets about. Even her former pet dog shows up in one of these

She no longer feels afraid. She stops fighting this urge to live and is giving
herself over to this experience.
Whatever is going to happen, she is ready to accept her fate...

Suddenly she hears this loud pounding noise, and at the same time the
raindrops start falling again.

The ground starts to shake and in an instant the street is being ripped open into
a big rift. Out of this rift she sees the Grim Reaper rising. He’s staring right at
her and has come to collect her soul.

As the Reaper is floating slowly towards her, she can hear these scary
whispering voices coming out of the rift.
Then she realizes... She’s not going to heaven.
The Reaper is going to take her back with him, back into that rift.
He’s going to take her to hell

Chapter 2 "The Definition of Insanity"

This woman finds herself in a pitch-black room. Suddenly the lights turn on.
She is sitting inside this big black and white Circus tent surrounded by clowns.

On closer inspection she notices that these "clowns" are actually all her friends
and family in clown make up, with this twisted maniacal look on their faces. But
no one recognizes her.
There's even a clown version of her dog who's barking at her, like he wants to
bite her.

This weird carnival music starts playing and these clowns are preparing to do
some kind of performance.
Suddenly she finds herself laying in this magician’s box, with her head and feet
poking out on both sides
This clown is starting to saw this box into half. But instead of it being a magic
trick she is literally being cut in half. She screams while everybody else is

As she screams, she suddenly finds herself strapped to spinning wheel.
She sees this knife wielding clown standing in front of her, who’s about to
throw these knives at her.
But instead of missing her, he just keeps throwing knives into her body while
he’s laughing.

Now she’s finds herself walking on a tightrope high above the ground while this
clown in front of her is holding a flame underneath the rope.
She does not reach the end in time, the rope breaks and she falls down to the

Next, she finds herself chained into a watertank. There is no way to escape and
she will drown while these clowns are all looking and laughing at her, taunting
her by showing that they are holding the key she needs to unlock herself.

She is stuck in this personal version of hell, by this ever-repeating cycle of
torture, by these crazy looking clown versions of her loved ones.

This is some form of punishment in which everything and everyone she used to
love, is turned into a threat that is wanting to kill her.

Chapter 3 "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night"

We're back at the crime scene of the beginning of the story. Only this time we
see this situation through the eyes of the shooter.

Turns out the shooter is the father of this boy that got abducted.
For some reason the police wouldn’t help this man, or at least not enough in
his opinion, so he started his own research.

This woman who he shot was linked to this group who he believes are
responsible for the disappearance of his son.

He found a clue on this dead woman’s body in the form of a invitation, it was a
invitation to this mysterious Halloween party. And that's where he is going

He arrives at this gigantic gothic looking building and manages to get inside
with the invitation he took from that woman.

Once inside he's kind of freaked out by all the stuff that he is seeing. This isn't a
regular Halloween party. It looks more like some sort of satanic cult.
It looks like a scene straight out of the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"!

He enters this main room in which everyone seems to gather. It’s dimly lit, but
it seems gigantic. Once the room is full of people, the doors are being locked.
Some guy starts playing the piano, while a few others start to sing. It’s like an
opera piece, but it sounds scary as hell.

Out of the darkness in the back, appears this guy who must be the cult leader
or something. He's dressed into gold from top to bottom and you'll notice how
everyone seem to be afraid to look into the direction of this guy as he passes
them by.

They move out of his way as this guy dressed in gold walks slowly towards the
centre of the room in sync with the music.

You can feel the tension in the air rising and the father realizes he made a
mistake by coming over here all alone.

The man in gold starts preaching something about how they are going to open
a portal to hell, which will allow demons to enter our reality. In order to do so
everybody needs to partake in some kind of singing ritual. They all starts
chanting, and it’s freaking him out.

While this is happening, the father sees that the guy in gold is being handed a
dagger, and they bring forth another person who is covered in a red cloak.

They are going to kill this person as a blood sacrifice towards these demons, in
order to open this portal to hell.

When they remove the cloak, the father sees that this person is his missing
son! His son looks hypnotized, or maybe even drugged. He is just standing
there with this soulless look in his eyes.

Shocked and panicked, the father immediately starts running towards his son,
knowing so that this will blow his cover.

The cult tries to stop him, but with a blinding rage he fought with every fibre of
his being against them. He manages to take out a few of these cult members,
but there are just so many of them that there is no situation in which this could
have ended in in a positive way. The cult manages to overpower him and they
are holding him down.

While this is all going on, half of the room is still singing and chanting as to not
interrupt the ritual.

The father is brought over towards the guy dressed in gold, he looks at his son,
but his son doesn’t seem to recognize him.
The guy in gold turns to the father and says with a smile on his face
"Dead man walking"!

The father spits in his face, but this guy in gold just starts laughing.
Then, he tells him that he is going to make him watch how he completes this
blood sacrifice with his son, and after doing so he is going to kill him too, with
the same dagger that is responsible for the ending of his son's life.
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 02-11-2021 18:19
Nieuwe DLC:

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 08-11-2021 11:16
Een rustig op jazz/funk geïnspireerde mix:

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 16-12-2021 14:49

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 28-12-2021 09:57

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 05-01-2022 20:15
Een FUSER album welke iemand heeft gemaakt met daarin enkele van de betere nummers uit de community.
Zitten 2 nummers van mij tussen

00:00:00 j.tyger[#]8692 - [#]FarmerJohnsVendingMachineCar
00:01:49 stork[#]6542 - Guinness
00:03:56 NeoZone0[#]2269 - Thumpin Sin Montero 2
00:06:16 TheSpecialist85[#]0511 - 1993
00:08:34 Coefficient[#]7000 - -3v=-18 (K&LD Redux)
00:10:58 spac.e.boi[#]9092 - Bounce Back, Strike Twice
00:13:09 UEG SPARTAN300[#]1308 - New Rules - (Spitfire's Request)
00:15:07 d20dad[#]5816 - Bad Guys Were Born This Way
00:17:02 bigying[#]5863 - Catwoman
00:18:13 M4cheteColletti[#]3533 - P4ssion.exe
00:20:28 Sweet_Bundy[#]8790 - 1One
00:21:50 ThaBEN_NL[#]8264 - Allusion
00:23:59 HARA.exe[#]1303 - g&LaCtiC_iBiZ&
00:26:21 Speedrunner1390[#]1919 - Wikipedia Made Me Do This
00:28:26 DeathJester[#]4112 - The Shoegazer (64 Extend)
00:30:51 Stormfinch[#]0789 - One Last Dance
00:33:17 SpidahMonkee[#]8250 - Don't Do Me Like That
00:35:45 MayorKashi[#]4302 - She's Not To Be Judged
00:37:50 Korhal[#]5748 - Excommunicado
00:39:55 Aviseras[#]0643 - pink dragon whip
00:41:58 Flashbaxx[#]0005 - The Sixth Mile
00:44:12 Skee1Ball[#]6715 - No Retreats
00:47:08 Qweggy[#]6135 - At Snail's Bass
00:50:05 j.tyger[#]8692 - Loose And Relaxed
00:53:04 stork[#]6542 - Dancin' The Night Away
00:55:56 NeoZone0[#]2269 - Synthetic Skylark
00:58:41 TheSpecialist85[#]0511 - Vapours
01:00:48 Coefficient[#]7000 - 4s+1=3 (Fatal Error Hardwave)
01:02:57 spac.e.boi[#]9092 - Cruisin' for a Groovin'
01:04:08 UEG SPARTAN300[#]1308 - Feel My THUNDER!!!
01:06:10 d20dad[#]5816 - d20dad - dtb5 FINALS
01:08:05 M4cheteColletti[#]3533 - ArCade7
01:10:08 Sweet_Bundy[#]8790 - Haunt You
01:12:42 ThaBEN_NL[#]8264 - The Elixir of Love
01:14:52 HARA.exe[#]1303 - ELETRO-L0V3 STORY
01:17:07 DeathJester[#]4112 - All Around the Music (part zero)
01:19:28 SpidahMonkee[#]8250 - Sub Genre
01:21:26 MayorKashi[#]4302 - Bar Coded and Drinks
01:23:30 Korhal[#]5748 - We Can Be Like They Are
01:25:48 Aviseras[#]0643 - breaking point
01:27:44 Skee1Ball[#]6715 - Leave it Alone
01:29:54 Qweggy[#]6135 - Where do i begin
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 15-01-2022 10:42
DJ Z.O.E. listens to Defying the Greek Gods (HOTTEST MIX)

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 16-01-2022 15:20
Zaterdag 5 februari 22:00 Nederlandse tijd
Te volgen op: https://www.twitch.tv/aphoticphoton
Meer info: https://dreamthebeat.com/

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 25-01-2022 09:45
De resultaten van de audities zijn binnen. De volgende DJ's zijn door naar de competitie op 5 februari, welke live zal worden uitgezonden op Twitch (zie voorgaande post).

Ginger Is Cry
snowfallen onyx

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 05-02-2022 13:11
Reminder! Vanavond 22:00 Nederlandse tijd is Dream the Beat: STARDUST!
Live te bekijken op: https://www.twitch.tv/aphoticphoton

Ginger Is Cry
snowfallen onyx

Live countdown: https://countle.com/00z6rCZmT
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 06-02-2022 11:36
Mijn mixes voor Dream the Beat 10 met hun custom Live Action muziek video's
Heb er uiteindelijk een gedeelde 2e plek mee gehaald in de show.

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 14-02-2022 12:42

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door Monokuma (1513 reacties) op 14-02-2022 13:34
Wat lees ik nu, Fuser kapt binnenkort al met betaalde DLC? 😮
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 16-02-2022 10:43
Wat lees ik nu, Fuser kapt binnenkort al met betaalde DLC? 😮
Gepost door: Monokuma op 14-02-2022 13:34

Yep, er komt geen betaalde DLC meer.
Heel kort samengevat betekend dit dat er geen gelicenseerde muziek meer verschijnt.
Wel verschijnt er nog "in-house" ontwikkelde muziek, wat vaak betekend dat dit o.a. nummers zijn vanuit het bordspel Dropmix.

FUSER 2022 Update

As we enter 2022, we want to provide an update on our plans for FUSER. While the way we support the community is changing, we remain committed to supporting the live, in-game features and carry a ton of appreciation for the FUSER fam and your boundless creativity. We look forward to checking out your mixes as you continue to imagine and uncover what’s possible in FUSER!

Here’s the overview of what’s ahead:

We are making the songs from the 2021 Mixtape Packs available for urchase as individual singles in March. This will mark the end of our paid DLC releases for FUSER.
Regular content updates to the Diamond Shop, including new music items, will continue. Hang on to your diamonds!
Live set and mix capture events will continue on their regular schedule.
The FUSER Sessions stream will happen with less frequency but the FUSERheadliner Twitch channel will still be live all day every day.
We will be winding down the FUSER Guest Sessions, but we will work with the streamers who have championed FUSER to ensure they are supported during this time of transition.
Our social accounts will be supported in English only. To stay up to date with the latest FUSER news be sure to follow @FUSERgame on Twitter, FUSERgame on Facebook, and @Harmonix on Twitter for occasional updates straight from the developer.
You can and should still report issues in the game that you find and submit a ticket through this link.
Bron: https://www.fuser.com/en-us/news/article/7309/fuser-2022-update
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 20-02-2022 13:09
Mijn winnende mix in de "DJ SoundStorm Valentines Day" competitie.
Hierbij is het de bedoeling een remix te maken voor een bestaand mix van een andere Fuser speler.

De originele mix waar mijn remix op gebaseerd is:

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 22-03-2022 23:36
Nieuwe "Dream the Beat #11 - Saber" a.s. zaterdag met muziek geïnspireerd op de game Beat Saber.

(Klik op de foto om het plaatje te vergroten)

Show start zaterdag 26 maart om 19:00 Nederlandse tijd.
Klik HIER om een reminder in te stellen in je Twitch agenda
Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 04-05-2022 14:16

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 02-06-2022 07:14

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
Door ThaBEN (3764 reacties) op 05-06-2022 13:44

Fuser DJ Naam: ThaBEN_NL#8264
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