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Rogue Lords - PS4 kopen

Rogue Lords

Vergroot boxart Rogue Lords (PS4)
Rogue Lords (PS4), Leikir Studio, Cyanide Studio
Leikir Studio, Cyanide Studio
Developer:Leikir Studio, Cyanide Studio 
Aantal views:402  keer bekeken
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Beschrijving Rogue Lords

The first roguelike in which you play as the devil, which means you can change some of the game's rules to your advantage! Run after run, manage your team of famous evil geniuses as they encounter unforeseen events and turn-based combat. Unlock new skills, create powerful synergies and use your powers to turn the situation in your favour at critical m...

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Winkel Cijfer Levertijd Prijs Porto Totaal

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avatar van Hylian_Knight
Hylian_Knight ( 3776   7) 20-10-2021 09:04
Game is gecancelled. Gaat fysiek niet meer uitkomen (alleen digitaal).