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MGS - the Movie

Door Bonecrusher (3199 reacties) op 16-03-2008 11:44
( PM )
Writer/Director Kurt Wimmer ("Equilibrium") will possibly pen the Sony Pictures film adaptation of Konami's hit video game series "Metal Gear Solid" reports Coming Soon.

Talking with Mike DeLuca at the premiere of "21" in Las Vegas, the producer revealed that they hope to meet with Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and possibly directing).

Metal Gear Solid's story centers on Solid Snake, a retired soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons disposal facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit. He attempts to liberate their two hostages, the head of DARPA and the president of a major arms manufacturer, and stops the terrorists from launching a nuclear strike.

The fourth game in the series comes out in June exclusively on the Playstation 3 and is one of the single most anticipated games of the year.

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