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Alone In The Dark - PS2 kopen

Alone In The Dark

Vergroot boxart Alone In The Dark (PS2)
Alone In The Dark (PS2), Atari
Developer: Atari 
Aantal views:4325  keer bekeken
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Laatste 2 reacties

avatar van HanzieWTF
HanzieWTF ( 377 ) 10-01-2009 18:36
IGN.com score:
5.0 Presentation
The story is epic, or at least it thinks it is. Dialogue is poorly written. The menu is bland but functional.
4.0 Graphics
Drab and dreary, the graphics hinder the gameplay by being too dark. There are also some random frame rate hitches. Cinemas are inconsistent, faces pasted onto heads, and invisible walls are aplenty.
7.5 Sound
By far the best aspect of the game. The music is really good, although sometimes awkwardly placed. The voice work is competent.
3.0 Gameplay
Every facet of gameplay is flawed or unrefined. The game is too ambitious and everything turns out frustrating. The game certainly needs more focus testing.
3.0 Lasting Appeal
The game can technically be beaten in a handful hours, but since everything is so frustrating and or confusing; it can take you much longer.

(out of 10 / not an average)

15,- euro BartSmit (winkel)
avatar van Pitroel
Pitroel ( 30 ) 13-01-2010 15:33
€ 10,- bij freerecordshop, steelbox uitvoering whatever difference that makes...